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Estancia San Jose

San Jose Estancia San Jose is one of the world’s best destinations for sea-run brown trout angling with a fly. Situated on the banks of the wonderful Rio Grande River on the Argentine side of the island of Tierra del Fuego, this property offers some of the finest andromous brown trout angling anywhere. Estancia San Jose also represents the best value on Tierra del Fuego for sea-run brown trout angling with a fly. The angling is conducted by wade fishing and is organized in two daily shifts, rotating beats and pools every shift and day, along the 12 miles of river on the San Jose side. Unlike most destinations on the island, San Jose is unique because it has smaller more intimate water than other properties in the area.

Almost all fishing is done with a floating line, and several of the pools are protected from the wind by trees. This isn’t to say the wind doesn’t make for interesting casting at times, but we can offer you the occasional reprieve. The catch and release program averages brown trout around 6 pounds, with the occasional 25-pound fish being brought to hand. San Jose has a typical Patagonian house, which is stylish and comfortable. The meals and drinks are abundant and are served around the angler’s schedules. Too often in today’s world of the super-lodge the accommodation tail wags the angling dog. The weeks are based on five full days and two half-day angling opportunities for six rods. The season is January 1st through April 8th.

C. Francis & Co. is very pleased to announce our involvement with this truly world-class destination. If you have an interest in fishing here during the upcoming season please contact us soon as space is limited and fills quickly. We are very pleased to announce major capital expenditures to the buildings, vehicles and many other amenities which will make your stay more enjoyable. Please visit here often for Est. San Jose updates.

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