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Argentina | San Miguel de Tucuman

Major flooding in north central Argentina in 1998 was virtually ignored by most international news organizations. This flooding occurred during the dove hunting season, making it difficult, and in some cases impossible, to access the hunting fields in the Parana region near Cordoba.

Long-time outfitters Junior Maers and Gustavo Olsen of Dove Outfitters, Inc. boldly decided to take several groups further north to pioneer some new shooting areas. What they found was beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, and has resulted in this new and untouched wingshooting destination. Dove Outfitters, Inc. and C. Francis & Co. have signed an unprecedented agreement with the Tucuman government and now holds the exclusive commercial wingshooting rights in this province for the next ten years. Tucuman promises to be the hot new destination in Argentina for dove, pigeon, perdiz and duck hunting for years to come.

Located within a 45 minute drive from the city of Tucuman is some of the finest wingshooting you will ever experience. Surrounded by citrus groves, sugar cane, wheat, colsa and corn these dove fields are as picturesque as they are productive. Continual crop rotation ensures a reliable forage base for these bird populations.

Accomodations are at a spacious bed and breakfast located in the San Javier foothills. The eight- bedroom lodge was completely renovated in 1999 and all rooms have two beds and a private bath. This 1,200 square meter lodge is nestled in the valley floor in the middle of a 3,000-acre citrus estancia, and enjoys commanding views of the Cumbien Calchaquie mountain range. A swimming pool and tennis courts are some of the amenities included. The high quality meals are accompanied by a selection of the wonderful local wines.

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