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Estancia Collon Cura

The Collon Cura River is well on its way to becoming one of the legendary rivers of all time. It will not be long before it joins the ranks of the other great freestone rivers of the world, which consistently produce both numbers and quality of trout. The Collon Cura is comprised of the Malleo, Allumine and Chimehuin rivers, which provide it with a water quality and river size that are both truly impressive.

Clients have repeatedly claimed the Collon Cura rainbows are the hardest fighting fish in all of Patagonia – a fact that is seconded by the guides! In addition to the the rainbows, you will also find brown trout. Large and powerful, they readily respond to large streamers presented on light sink-tip lines. Having both of these species available in large numbers is what keeps our clients returning, year after year.

The Collon Cura Lodge is situated right on the banks of the river, eliminating the need for long drives over gravel roads to get to the river. All of the access points to the river are no further than 15 miles on a paved road. This allows you to place the emphasis where it should be – fishing! The lodge can hold up to eight guests, in four spaciously appointed rooms. Breakfast and supper are served in the dining room, while normally lunch is a prepared picnic that accompanies you to the river. Unparalleled in length or beauty, the floats on this river will remain etched in your memory for years to come.

The ranch is located in the most productive Red Deer area of Argentina. Having over 3000 deer in its location, hunters will enjoy the experience of hunting Bronze, Silver or Gold Trophy stags on a four day hunt. It is well worth it.

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