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How does having a day all to yourself on one of the world’s greatest dry fly rivers sound? The Malleo River certainly needs no introduction for dry fly angling. It produces some of the best and most consistent caddis, mayfly and midge fishing anywhere in the world. In addition to the Malleo, clients staying at the incomparable San Huberto Lodge will also have access to Tromen Lake. Tromen Lake has some of the most agreeable large trout that you will find anywhere.

San Huberto Lodge is located on the center of the 22,000 acre, family owned, Tres Picos Ranch. As a result there are few places that are more restful or peaceful anywhere. Your hosts during your week-long stay at San Huberto Lodge will be Ronnie and Gustavo’s parents Carlos and Carmen Olsen. This property has been in the Olsen family for over three generations, and has been strictly managed for angling for many years. In short, your outfitters and hosts have been born and raised on this property.

All of the food is five-star, and starts with vegetables and herbs grown right out the back door of the kitchen. The lodge is spotless and the staff deft and unobtrusive. While San Huberto maintains a vague European feel, all rooms have two double beds with a private bath. Meals are served with an option of several different entrees and include wine. Drinks before dinner are also included and are served overlooking the main dinning room. In addition to this, the schedule for all meals and services is very flexible, based upon the finest angling times. We promise the accommodation tail will never wag the angling dog!

San Huberto Lodge San Huberto Lodge is capable of holding 12 anglers at a time (16 anglers if all are in the same party) and you will be divided over 20 miles of prime trout water everyday. The morning departures are usually very leisurely as the lunch break will take place about 2:00pm. After lunch, and a quick siesta, you are back out to the river for the finest six hours of fishing imaginable. The lodge, staff, service and guides all combine to make this one of the crown jewels of the Argentina angling kingdom.

The Malleo River

Situated on the banks of the Malleo River this is one of the best dry fly fishing lodges in the world. Between the Malleo River and Huaca Mamuil spring creek, San Huberto enjoys exclusive access to over 25 miles of angling. Safaris Outfitters and their capable staff of fly fishing professionals will provide guiding services on this truly remarkable fishery. This medium sized river is the perfect size for the wading angler. Very seldom, with a little positioning, are there rising fish that can’t be reached with a 20 to 30 foot cast.

Trout species available are rainbows and browns averaging around 16 inches in length. A visiting angler can also expect several opportunities to cast over trout in the 20 – 21 inch class during a week’s stay. On average over the years, a competent angler can reasonably expect chances at 15 to 30 trout per rod day. Hatches of caddis and medium- sized mayflies normally start around 9:00 in the morning and end at 6:00 in the evening. Later in the season prolific midge and small mayfly hatches are present, and while they can present technical fishing, this is some of the finest sport available with a fly rod. Nymphing and streamer fishing are also common during this time.

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